Should vegans take vitamin B12 supplements?

It is highly advisable to take a B12 supplement as a vegan (but also as a vegetarian, pregnant woman, over-50s or if you are unable to take vitamin B12 out of your diet). This is because vegetable nutrition does not contain a reliable form of vitamin B12.

An average adult can build up a vitamin B12 reserve for a few years, but do not let that be an impetus to exhaust your reserve! The best way to ensure that your vitamin B12 reserve and your intake are sufficient is a blood test with the family doctor.

The effects of a vitamin B12 deficiency manifest themselves only in the long term and are also drastic. A shortage may cause irreparable nerve damage if it is not addressed in time.

Vegan B12 supplements are produced by growing the microorganisms in an artificial environment where no animals are involved. The best absorbable supplements are lozenges and sprays, because these are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

The two main forms of B12 supplements are:

  1. Cyanocobalamin : a form that your body can not directly use and still has to convert: daily + – 50 micrograms or weekly 2000 micrograms (for example Veg1 from The Vegan Society or B12 from Solgar)
  2. Methylcobolamine : a form that your body can use immediately: 1000 micrograms daily (eg Methylcobalamin from Solgar, Jarrow or Vitabay)
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