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Below is a list of the most disputed e-numbers. R  = usually or always animalY  = mostly vegetable, but can sometimes be animal E101 Riboflavin (lactoflavin) Is made synthetically or by means of micro-organisms. Can in theory be extracted from milk, but that is far too expensive and is not done. E104 Quinoline yellow A purely synthetic colorant. […]

Can a vegan diet ensure sufficient intake of the necessary nutrients?

Definitely! As with any diet, it is especially important that your diet is balanced. Nutritionists more and more abandon the old food triangle and develop new guidelines for balanced nutrition. For example, the University of Harvard developed the Healthy Eating Plate on the basis of large-scale, independent studies . This one also recommends a varied diet rich in vegetable nutrition. Red meat […]

Do vegans have a high risk of protein deficiency?

No, Western food is very protein rich. Vegetable products also contain more than enough protein. Among other grains, pseudogranes (such as quinoa, buckwheat or millet), legumes (such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts or beans), nuts and seeds and meat substitutes such as tofu, seitan and tempeh are good plant sources of protein. By eating a combination of grains […]


A vegan diet is free from animal products. Obvious examples are meat, fish, chicken, dairy (animal milk, yogurt, cheese, butter …), eggs, honey, gelatine and animal stock. “What are you still eating ?!” is the most frequently heard spontaneously rising question. Well … seitan thigh with fries, vegetable stews, tofu scramble, pancakes, lasagna, risotto, pizza … From fast […]


Animal rights The main reason for veganism is the concern about animal rights and animal welfare. Vegans recognize that all living beings have the right to self-determination and do not need to suffer unnecessarily for our pleasure and pleasure. It is perfectly possible in our current society to replace animal products with alternatives without having to compromise […]

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